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Date:2006-05-23 15:28
Subject:Any suggestions?
Mood: in pain

My back hurts so much! I've got muscle relaxers, pain killers like nobody's business, and nothing urgent to do since I'm on vacation... but if I medicinally take care of this problem, I'll be out for the next 5 hours and I want to play Descent or just see Katherine and Matt for awhile today. I'm half tempted to go to my mom's work and have a chiropractor do some muscle manipulations so I can just be done with this for a few days. Then again, I've got to take a closer look at this workman's comp coverage. Stupid Minnesota Pseudoephedrine Log Books. That is where I will place the blame. I'll count my blessings because at least I can walk and stand unlike when I first hurt it.

Anyone know how to give a good back massage? I'll pay in ice cream or rats. Seriously, I'll give you $10 for 15 minutes of lower back attention.

Okay, now back to my tales of the road trip.Collapse )

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Date:2006-05-22 15:16
Subject:My road trip

I'm back in town and happy to be here.

So, on this road trip I hit 10 states in all. That's a fifth of the United States! Minnesota to Iowa onto Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, ending up in Arizona for a wedding. The heat was refreshing even if I did end up getting the shine of sweat on my face after each trip outdoors. The water tasted gross and slippery, yet I was eager to request some with every place I visited. I stopped drinking soda while in the desert and drank more water than I have in months yet I still felt parched. With every trip to the restroom I could tell that I was still dehydrated. More than 8 glasses of water a day and still dehydrated! Apparently two days in the heat isn't enough time to acclimate to the environment. (I'm being sarcastic because to expect that is just silliness.)

So yeah. Stayed in a hotel with most of the wedding party. I shared a room with Laura and Troy (a friend from high school that I should really make a point of staying in closer contact with) for two nights moving between two rooms in the hotel. The second room was poolside, just on the other side of a wall of flowers and greenery, and filled with mosquitoes. I always thought that Arizona had one upped us on the mosquito situation because the heat would surely be too much for them... apparently not.

*rode in a Dodge Charger 3.5 V6*

The most fun had was during the time that I was asleep as the others sat poolside drinking beer and laughing it up. Topics of conversation: the US never landed on the moon, two different sized feet, scent of anus at Grossology, living in an elephant's anus, cockroach on a pillar, kids whipping shitties in a nearby strip mall parking lot, quoting line after line of Pulp Fiction... and the rest I can't quite remember because I kept thinking about how Matt and Katherine laugh at the immature giggles others brake into at the mention of the name Bang Spider in Descent, and here people were laughing and talking about scent of anus. *snicker* I'll admit it right now, the thought of someone coming across spray bottles filled with gross smells at the St Paul Grossology exhibit, then spraying one only to find that they just leaned into a mist that smells like poop, then they roll the bottle to expose the labeled smell reading "ANUS" is funny to me on levels beyond a first grader's perspective.

I had a rough time while I was down there but after a quick shake reminding me that I'm supposed to be having fun (yeah, I need reminders to lighten up and enjoy the scenery) I started to have a pretty good time. So Saturday after a rough morning I finally started enjoying myself.

There is plenty more to tell including: plastic testicles in Nebraska, Truck stops with their barber shops and $7 showers (and the reason why Oklahoma rubbed me the wrong way), falling asleep at the wheel, wildlife encounters (and the lack there of), and then the rest of the trip home (leaving Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and back home to Minnesota's rough roads).

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Date:2006-05-13 11:40
Subject:Losing Weight
Mood: excited

It has taken me for-ev-er but I finally broke into the 180's this morning! (Been half trying for over a year.) That means that since April 11th I have lost 11.3 lbs! I'm just excited because I had weighed this much back when I was in highschool and I was able to get down to 135. Basically my train of thought has switched into, "I can do this."

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Date:2006-04-27 17:20
Subject:I'm in a speedy kind of mood.

Today was the first time I stalled my car in a long time. I'm going to blame the flip-flops I was wearing, because my cocky approach to driving today couldn't possibly have been the reason. ;) Ahhh, yes. Nothing like a nice sunny day to take my car out to race anything that seems to be up for a bit of fun.

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Date:2006-04-26 23:36
Subject:Not so complicated anymore.

After reading spidertea's post I decided to look up my personality type, INFJ. This is so on point. I'm still in a bit of shock that someone was able to put into words what I viewed as "complicated to explain".

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Date:2006-04-23 19:16
Subject:I'm seeing if I can get better gas mileage.
Mood: okay

I filled my tank with mid-grade fuel yesturday (90 octane) and afterwards felt my stomach sink after realizing that I only saved a dollar. First thought, "What have I done?!?" Second was, "If she starts clanking I'm still going to have to drive until the tank gets low." The final to wrap it all up, "Well at least I'll know how she'll do if I can't get premium." - Hey. Give me a break. She's my babe. ;) After a day of driving I'm feeling okay and I've got no worries.

chadjohnson gave me the go ahead to post the info he gave me to get better gas mileage...

Increasing fuel economyCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-19 21:19
Subject:Driving and Personality Testing
Mood: full

Cruising is a lot harder to do along roads that I'm not familiar to. I've learned that my attraction to cruising is the rush I get. When I'm going down around unfamiliar territory I end up checking things out - making mental maps, thinking about where I am rather than just enjoying the scene from inside my own personal universe.

All I'm getting at is when I'm in the mood to cruise I need to go somewhere familiar... when I want to expand my territory and explore a bit I should familiarize myself with new places to putz along later.

With this chilly weather I've been having the moon roof open and the heat on. Nothing is stopping me these days except for a good rain. Anyone head out during the electrical storm yesterday? Beautiful and far enough off for no worries.

Ever listen to an electrical storm on AM radio? It's been awhile for me but man, sometimes that's just good stuff.

My apartment application was approved for a building in New Hope. I get to pick between two units and move in is July 1st. I've got awhile to keep looking but I have a place to live if nothing better pans out. -- This is weird but worth mentioning. Inside I've got a very strong impression of what the place that I should be moving into looks like. Now, I just need to match up my findings with my heart's direction. What can I say? My personality typing is INFJ. Plus, this is how things come about in my life... I see the direction I should head. My choice is whether or not I follow it.

Reminder: I am not a nut.

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Date:2006-04-19 09:20
Mood: cold

Boring details.Collapse )

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Date:2006-04-18 10:13

Lem. What exactly do you need done for your HotSoup website?

(yesturday at work I only took one 15 minute break... see, sometimes I'm all talk)

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Date:2006-04-17 09:00
Subject:Good Morning.
Mood: happy

Coming soon. Pictures of me!Collapse )

I brought the rats over to Lem's last night (but not the adults). In all that made 16 rats, 2 cats, and 2 chinneys in the former house of Lem... now pet palace. On a related note: Jaye is a hater of the rat and I truly believe him. These babes are so cute that in order to not get some kind of kick out of them a person would have to have some kind of deep-seeded dislike for the animal. So Jaye, no worries, the rats won't stay for long.

I'm off to work 10 to 10 at Green today. I'm taking all of my breaks today too. Well, unless it's too busy.

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Date:2006-04-16 00:26

I had a period of time today where my life finally felt a bit more interesting because someone else was interested in it too. I felt smart. You know what that does for my self-esteem?

Lately I've been caught in a rut where I'm talking to people who don't care about the facets of my life. So instead of talking about my life I've turned to indulging my senses with the chatter of other people talking about themselves. Their lives, their interests, their problems, their ambitions, etc. That's a role I fill very well for the most part. I enjoy listening, encouraging, learning and all, but hey, I need me time too.

Ok. Got that out of my system. Cruising has been awesome lately. I would just like a little variety and maybe a destination. Any ideas?

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Date:2006-04-13 11:07
Subject:I just chased down a Schwan's guy and bought two boxes of bagel dogs.
Mood: content

I went grocery shopping this morning and found out that Cub now carries my favorite organic cereals (Gorilla Munch and Panda Puffs). All that means really is that I won't have to go to The Wedge anymore except for when I want to stock up on my favorite salad dressing.

I got some good advice from Chad today on how to increase my fuel economy... depending on whether it's okay with him I'm going to post it later on today.

The rats are nearly ready to be brought to the pet store. They are running around and just being generally funny and cute. I've got 4 trained to come when I make kissing noises because they know I have people food to give out. So, my question is this... would anyone be interested in having a few rats as pets? They are happiest in groups, so a pair would be the best. I've got cages to give away with them... you can choose between aquarium or metal cages. I also have water bottles, wheels, and food dishes. Plus I've got a few hide outs that could be given out as well. So far I can tell that I have at least 5 good snuggle buns (meaning the animal has the tendency to be calm and enjoys perching on my shoulder), 4 that are quick to pick up on "tricks" when rewarded with food, 2 that love running around (one of which enjoys the leap attack - a running start off the top of the hut onto his siblings), 3 are kinda skiddish because they keep falling out of the cage, and the last 2 are my buddies.

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Date:2006-04-12 14:18

Words of wisdom for the day:

#1) Never pick up a minga minja.
#2) If you kill all the wolves you are left with a whole lot of bunnies... and by bunnies, I mean stupid people.
#3) A strip of duct tape with alot of worms stuck on it is not a gift.

Well, I hope this is enough wisdom to get you through your day.

Until next time...

Squeaker is out.

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Date:2006-04-07 07:40
Subject:All nighter
Mood: indescribable

I'm home from an 11 hour shift at UpFront. I start work at Green around 11 AM. Question is, do I bother trying to get some sleep in before I start? I'm leaning towards no right now...

Update: I now remember why I don't like working for UpFront. I put in 11 hours last night to make sure that a project due this morning would be finished (the staff there procrastinates really bad). When I pull something like that (hard on me but a favor for you kind of thing) I expect a "thank you" or "we really appreciate what you did." Nope. Instead I got a call demanding to know where the samples are. What samples? Crap! They got worked in around 2 AM. Here is the deal though a)no one told me or wrote a note, b)samples are supposed to go inside the ticket, c)when samples are too big for ticket they are stashed away some place safe until morning, d)of 2,500 the job ended up being short 176 due to guts running out, my point being... just select 10 that are good among the finished ones and call it a day - "seriously, you want me to drive over there and do it for you? Won't take me but 20 minutes." So, because of that problem my hard work is now null and void. -- Right now I just feel disappointed because in some way should I have known?

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Date:2006-04-06 16:51

Anyone up for a walk in the rain?

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Date:2006-04-06 12:45
Subject:Time for fun and a little self distraction.
Mood: energetic

Good morning all! Oops, that would now be afternoon.

The babies all have their eyes open now. This means that today or tomorrow I will start setting up the tube network. Here is the description.Collapse ) :]

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Date:2006-04-05 13:50
Subject:A quick two question meme.
Mood: amused

Two activities that I could do for hours on end (that do not require batteries, electricity, or fuel):

1. Watch little baby animals. I enjoy watching them sleep, eat, clean themselves, gnaw on stuff, bite their siblings... animals are just really fun to watch.

2. Spray boxelder bugs with soapy water. Give me a large bottle of soapy water with a sprayer, a ton of boxelder bugs, and set me free. I can be amused for hours watching them die. (Sounds morbid until you try it out and see them blow bubbles.)

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Date:2006-04-05 08:21
Subject:I'm driving a Honda Element today
Mood: thirsty

I just got back from dropping my car off at the shop. The rental I got (but in the end will not have to pay for) is a Honda Element. No pick up. Boxy. Lack luster. Everything is plastic but let me elaborate on this so you understand why I bother mentioning it. It has all the molding lines still on it and stray edges, meaning that plastic bits are sticking out here and there. I feel like I'm in a rector set on wheels. Later on I'm going to push its limits and see what this Element can do. Oh, and the driving world from inside an SUV looks a lot different... there are even different courtesies observed among this group of drivers on the road.

I'm heading back to bed.

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Date:2006-04-04 18:12
Subject:I need work...
Mood: nerdy

There hasn't been any work at UpFront for days now. What am I supposed to do with my free time?!?

Sorry Matt. I'm not going in if I don't have to. If you really need this pushed along faster the number is 612.623.4433

Bean, I won't know the ladder situation unless I go in, but if there isn't any work I really don't want to.

Any problems? Talk to Lem.

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Date:2006-04-04 11:04
Mood: contemplative

I'm bringing my car in tomorrow for an oil change at the dealership. Already I cringe when I say that because I know that it's something I could do myself or get done cheaper somewhere else. I'm writing this because I feel like I need to justify my decision, to myself and anyone I may mention it to - who I have now made everyone important to me. I am still toying with the idea of getting a different car (maintenance gets put on vehicle history reports fastest through the dealership). Plus, my alignment is off again and I want them to fix it while my car is there. Hmmm. Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Drop off - 7AM! The only traffic I want to be driving in around 7AM comes from the Blaine area. Man, those folks are hitting hwy 610 with speeds of 80 to 85 MPH. I love a good early morning rush.

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